May 23rd

We have finished our last Math Unit this week! Students took the final test for Unit 8 Geometry today.  We will continue to review ALL that we have learned this year so that we are prepared for our end of year cumulative math test that is coming up soon!

In writing , students chose an animal from the Lincoln Park  Zoo website and then did online research to learn about that animal’s habitat, physical adaptations and behavioral adaptations. Students then wrote power paragraphs using their research information and are working on posters (in class) to present to the class.  If your child would like to add a color printed picture they will need to print it at home.  They may print 1 picture and 1 map.

In reading we  finished our  Fiction Book Clubs.  Ask your child about the book that they read and what they thought of the book club experience.

In science we are learning about how color and eye placement help or hinder an animals survival.  We learned that coloration can do three different things.  Color can attract, camouflage or warn predators away.  Ask your child to give you an example for each.  We also learned about the importance of eye placement.  Predators tend to have eyes placed in front, while prey animals tend to have eyes placed to the side.  Eyes in front, time to hunt.  eyes on the side, better hide.

Don’t forget the kickball game that is being organized for Holmes 4th graders on the half day of Thursday, June 5? A flyer will be coming home soon, but check out the information below:

You are invited!!!
What: 4th Grade Kickball Party, class vs class!
When: June 5, 12-3:45
Where: Central Park
Who: All 4th graders and teachers
Specifics:  Hot dogs, chips, water, cookies will be provided for lunch.
Parent volunteers are running this non-school related event.
Check out the important things on our calendar.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, May 27 – due date for Chicago Permission form

Wednesday, May 28 – iPad return and check-in. All iPads and Chargers/charging cables must be returned by this date!

Thursday, May 29 – Chicago Trip! 6:45 AM – 9 PM (please have your child at school no later than 6:45 am!)

Friday, May 30 – Bocce Ball Tournament Day (Please apply sunscreen at home!)

Tuesday, June 3 – 4th Grade Celebration 6:30 PM at SLIS auditorium (Save the date! More info to come)

Thursday, June 5 1/2 Day and Kickball Tournament 12:00

Friday, June 6 – 1/2 day and last day of school

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