Conference Week

It was so nice to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with all of you during Parent Teacher conferences.  Thank you for making the time to come in and meet with me.

In Math this week we have learned a variety of methods for multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit.  Your child has blogged about one of the methods and has also created a screencast that showcases how to use the Algebraic Notation Method.  Ask your child to share their screencast with you.  We have begun to learn the steps for the shortcut method (this is the method that you and I know and use).  We will spend more time with the shortcut method next week and we will jump into multiplying 3 digit by 1 digit and 4 digit by 1 digit!

In Writing Workshop we are working hard to wrap up our Realistic Fiction stories.  We have learned how to use mentor texts to help us study leads and endings so that we too can write better leads and endings.  We have  also learned how to revise by reading our story with a new “lens” each time, checking for sentence structure, word choice, paragraphs and more!

In Reading Workshop we have been engrossed in studying the characters in the books we read.  We are currently reading The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo.  We have taken the time to study the character of Rob (the protagonist) and we have connected to our lives to help us feel empathy for Rob.  This means that we can use what has happened to us in our lives to help us infer how Rob is feeling and feel empathy for him, when something similar happens in the story.  We have also learned that sometimes we need to revise our images of characters.  We may think that they will look and act one way, but as we read on we discover that they act differently than we first pictured.

In Science we have wrapped up our Earth and Me unit.  Students completed a review sheet in class on Monday and then took the review sheet home to study for the test on Wednesday.  Due to the length, content and vocabulary used in the test, I read the questions and all of the answer choices to the class and then they selected the best answer on their own.


Partial Solar Eclipse ~ Thursday, October 23rd.  Viewing party at City Beach in GH at 5:30pm

Please click on the link for more information. Eclipse Viewing Party

                                                                                    2014 Amp’s Amazing Night Flight

Janie’s Cookie Order Delivery ~ Friday, October 24th 4pm at the backdoor of Holmes.

Please be sure to make arrangements to pick your child up at school on this day if they sold more than 4 items, they will be unable to transport multiple items on the bus. Plan to arrive at Holmes at 4pm, you will need to go in to the back parking lot after the buses leave. We will then have your child come out to meet you.  Please be aware that there may be frozen dough in your child’s order. This will need to be delivered right  a way or kept refrigerated so it does not spoil.  Please do not leave frozen dough at room temperature for more than a few hours.

Welcome quadbloggers!

Dear Parents,  We will be quadblogging with 3 other classes this year.  This week we are all introducing ourselves to one another and commenting on each class’s blog.  We are excited about this opportunity to share our learning with others and to learn about what their school day is like.

Welcome quadbloggers! We are from Holmes Elementary School in Spring Lake, Michigan.  If you hold up your right hand, palm facing you and point to the area right below your pinkie, that is where we are located in Michigan! We are lucky to live close to Lake Michigan! We are a 1-1 iPad classroom. Each student has their own iPad, and we use them often to transform our learning. Each student also has their own blog that they blog on every Friday, you can access these through the Student Blog Tab on this site.

We recently took a field trip to a planetarium to learn about what causes the seasons and to learn about the phases of the moon. We were very excited to see the total lunar eclipse on Wednesday! Check out our daily schedule below:

8:45 ~ Doors open
8:45-8:55 ~ Planners, lunch check in
8:55-9:45 ~ SPECIAL ( We have four GYM, ART, MUSIC and STEM)
9:45-9:55 ~ Snack and Bathroom break
9:55-10:40 ~ Writing Workshop
10:40-11:00 ~ Making Meaning (Reading Comprehension Strategies) (Library on Friday)
11:00-12:05 ~ Math
12:05-12:45 ~ Recess/Lunch
12:45-1:40 ~ Reading Workshop
1:40 -2:15 ~ Science or Social Studies
2:15-2:30 ~ Recess
2:30-3:00 ~ Word Study and Vocabulary
3:00-3:05 ~ Jobs
3:05-3:35 ~ iTime (intervention groups and enrichment)
3:35-3:45 ~ Teacher Read
3:45 Dismissal

We are currently reading The Tiger Rising in Reading Workshop.  In Writing Workshop we are working on our fiction stories, we are currently editing and revising. In Science we are learning about moon phases and the seasons (check out our previous blog posts!) In math we are learning the area model for multiplication and will be blogging about that today on our student blogs!

We also have a hedgehog for a class pet!

Mr. Prickles

Mr. Prickles

Our Class

Our Class


We can’t wait to hear from you!

Moon Phases, Eclipses and More!

We have had a great week in Room 16!

In Math we have just completed our first Math unit. Students took a practice test on Monday, and if they were proficient they were exempt from taking the “real” test. On Tuesday, we went over the practice test and discussed each problem in depth, those that did not score as proficient then continued to practice the types of problems that were on the test. this practice sheet came home with their practice test for them to use as a review. Students then took the actual test on Wednesday. I will be sharing the tests at conferences. We will follow a similar procedure at the end of each Math unit. We did begin Unit 2 today. We looked at using arrays for multiplication and how to use an array to find area. There is a note going home today about Unit 2.

In writing we have been drafting our realistic fiction stories. We created a story map to help us plot out our story and we are using the map as a guide to help us write our scenes. We will be working on the heart of the story (most important part), leads and endings next week.

In Reading we have finished our first reading unit. We will be delving deeply into character study in our next unit. We will be using the book “Tiger Rising” to help us study character development.

In Science we have been studying the phases of the moon and what causes them. we have also begun to learn what causes our seasons. We had a great time at the planetarium on Thursday! Thank you to our parent chaperons! I would also like to thank all of the parents who donated Oreos for our moon phases activity! The students had a great time making the phases of the moon using Oreos (we even enjoyed eating them after!)

Mr. Yeager from the planetarium informed us of two special events happening very soon. On Wednesday, October 8 there will be a total lunar eclipse of the Hunter’s moon. This should be visible in our area between 6:00 am and 7:00 am.

On October 23 there will be a partial solar eclipse visible in our area. Mr. Yeager will be having a viewing party at the city Beach in Grand Haven. They will have special eclipse viewing glasses available. Please remember you should never look at the solar eclipse without eye protection. Eclipse glasses or welding glasses are needed. The viewing party will be in the evening I believe around 6:30pm.