Merry Christmas!

A huge thank you to all of the parents that organozed, volunteered and donated items to make our Christmas Party a success! The children had a great time and love every part of it! You all did an amazing job!

This week we were able to squeeze in a little learning among all of the holiday excitement!

Math ~ We reviewed standard for multiplication and division and worked on our fact fluency. Please remind your child to practice their basic facts using the ‘Timed Test” app on their ipads.

Reading ~ We have completed our Non-fiction Unit. This week we looked at Narrative Nonfiction and learned that this type of nonfiction can be read like a story. we also looked at the difference between stories of disaster (the protagonist makes a bad choice and things get worse and worse) and stories of achievement (the protagonist pursues a goal and overcomes the obstacles that get in the way to have a greatt achievement).

Writing ~ We completed the final drafts of our personal essays and then showcased what we learned about essay writing by writing an “On Demand” essay on school uniforms.

Science ~ We continued to learn about special adaptations that organisms have to help them survive in their environment. This week we learned about coloration to mimic, attract, warn and camouflage. We also learned that most predators have binocular vision with their eye placement on the front of their heads and most prey animals have monocular vision with their eye placement on the sides of their head. “Eyes in front, better hunt. Eyes on the side, better hide!”

In case you needed some ideas for last minute gifts or stocking stuffers, there are still a number of students that do not have headphones or a stylus for their ipad. Thes are required items from our school supply list.

Please remember that school starts back on Monday, January 5th!

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Our class Christmas Party is on Thursday, December 18TH. If you are volunteering for the party you MUST have a volunteer form on file with the office. Please call Mrs. Lindberg if you are unsure.

Students will need to bring a wrapped new or gently used age appropriate book on Thursday for the party.

Thank you!

1 Week Until Christmas Break!

Wow! Time really does fly by fast lately! I can hardly believe we only have 1 ore week left until we start on Christmas Break! We have been busy learning all kinds of great things!

Reading ~ We have started to study nonfiction. first we learned how to read expository texts (think all about books), now we are learning how to read narrative nonfiction (these are texts that read like stories).  We have learned that we can use the strategies for reading fiction to help us read narrative nonfiction. What did the character want? What is the obstacle that gets in the way? How does the character respond?

Writing ~ We are working on revising and editing our personal essays. The students have done a great job with coming up with a thesis and reasons that support their thesis.  They also have written mini-stories that support each reason! This week we learned how to write introductions and conclusions for our essays.

Math ~ We have completed our first unit on division and will be taking our Unit 3 test this week. (Practice test was on Wednesday, Review on Thursday, and Final Test on Friday). We will not start our new unit until after break! We will be spending sometime next week reviewing all we have learned this year!

Science ~ We have had a lot of fun observing guppies, snails and African Dwarf frogs! We have also learned about producers and consumers, food chains and food webs.  We played a fun game with food chains.

Our class had the opportunity to spend an hour yesterday learning how to code when we participated in The Hour of Code.  Students wrote simple code to move an Angry Bird through a maze.  If your child really enjoyed coding, they may go to and continue to learn more!


Wow! I cannot believe that it is already December! Time sure does fly when you have a great class!

Math ~ This week we are reviewing the short cut method (this is the method that you learned)  for long division. Please continue to check over your child’s math homework and help them out if you see them making mistakes. It is absolutely necessary that your child know their basic multiplication and division facts automatically. We take a Mad Minute each day in class, please look these over with your child and help them study the ones that they have not yet committed to memory.

Science ~ We have started a new Science Unit “Organisms in Their Environment.” We will be making observations of some animals in the next few days, please ask your child to share their science journal with you (it is on the iPad).

Reading ~ We have started a new unit on reading non-fiction. We will be learning many strategies to help us become stronger nonfiction readers!

Writing ~ We are working on our personal opinion essays. Ask your child to tell you what their thesis staement is and to tell you their three supporting reasons.

Important Dates and Reminders

Dec 1               Share A Little Warmth Collection Begins (pajamas, slippers, blankets)

Dec 2               Rescreening for Hearing & Vision by OCHD

Dec 5               Report Cards Sent Home


Thank you to all who donated $1 to wear pajamas last week.  We raised $279 for Soup for All!

If you are dropping off or picking up your child, please proceed carefully when passing a vehicle that is stopped in the lane to let a child out or let a child in a car.  Remember, safety is our #1 concern.