March is Reading Month Assembly!

Here is a video from today’s March is Reading Month assembly.  The class that raised the most money for our Read-a-Thon had the chance to silly string Mrs. Smits and their teacher! Any student that raised $100 dollars or more also received a can of silly string to spray on Mrs. Smits! What fun! Thank you all for your support of the Read-a-Thon and March is Reading Month! Our school raised over $14,000 in pledges!

MIRM Silly String Smits from Abe Overway on Vimeo.

Read-a-thon and 6 days until Spring Break!

I can’t believe that it is only 4 school days until Spring Break! We have had a great week in room 16! It has been full of fun and learning!  I will let the students share their reflections on our week! There thoughts are all straight from their blogs on Kidblog! Make sure you check out your child’s weekly blog!

Math ~ In math we’re learning about simplifying fractions and comparing fractions. We also learned the cross cross trick which is when you multiply the left denominator and the right numerator and put it on the the right side then right denominator times left numerator and put it on the left side and the bigger number is the bigger fraction. (Brayden S.) Ok, so this week in math we learned how to simplify fractions! It was so fun. In math we also learned the EASY way to compare fractions and it is called the criss-cross method, it was soooo fun and easy! (Sophia M.)

Writing- This week in writing we finished our Literary Essays, and now we are working on our on demand stories on the book  A Bad Case Of Stripes by Davis Shannon. We also are trying our new Chrome Books for next year and we get to write are essays on them. (Alivia D.)

Reading ~ This week in reading we are doing our read-a-thon we read read read most of the day on Friday which is today!! Also we are having fun reading our book club books I love mine! It is really funny and yesterday we had our book club meeting! (Gracie)

Social Studies ~ For social studies we are working on a regions project everyone picked different regions and its really hard because we have to search stuff online and we are making a presentation in the Explain Everything app on our iPads. (Nolan M.)

Specials ~  In STEM we’ve been working on our rockets.  So far we’ve cut out the wings and put together the engine mount. (Ben C.) In GYM I can’t wait for the  announcement  that  Mr. Robinson is going to make about what class earns the most points in Misson Inpossible.  Misson Inpossible is where there is multiple activities that earn points for your classs.  The activities are the pole, the running corner, the X-Box, and the climbing wall! Each earn points for your class after you did the activity! (KayLynn Y.) in ART  we are making a piece of art with a puzzle piece. We also use an object. My object was a Pokemon named Sandshru or something. (Ava B.)

Talent Show ~ When we had our school talent show yesterday it was awesome!  The first act was the teacher act and it was called the car wash because all of the teachers would go by in funny costumes.  Mrs. Lannon was pulling Mrs. Smits in a wagon and Mr. Robinson was behind her fanning her like she was a queen.  (Anna R.)

Dates to Remember:

April 3 – April 12 – Spring Break

Wednesday, April 15 – Link Up Concert at the Frauenthal Theater – cold lunch needed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, April 28, 29, 30 and May 5, 6, 7 – MSTEP testing.  Please avoid any absences during these days


Please check out the slideshow of some of the highlights from the week!

Chrome Books, Book Clubs and Read-a-thon!

Homework Help

Today we learned the Criss-Cross Trick for comparing fractions with unlike denominators. It is an easy way to compare without finding equivalent fractions.

Students also have been practicing communicating about their math learning. These videos can be used as a review. Ask your child if you can see their Show Mes on fractions (not all students had time to complete these).

Spring Has Sprung! Now, Only if it Would Warm Up!

I can’t believe that it is finally Spring! Hopefully, warmer weather is in the forecast!

First I would like to thank all of the parents that came in for parent teacher conferences! It was so nice to be able to sit down and talk with you about all the growth I have seen this year!

Today, after reading and approving student blogs, I thought I would invite some guest bloggers on, the students don’t know this yet.  The recap of our week will be brought to you by the students!

Math ~ In math we learned comparing fractions with different size wholes and with unlike denominators.  I’m lucky because we are using them with number lines!  That’s good because it would be so hard without them. (Abigail U.)

Social Studies ~ In social studies we are learning about how humans adapt to their environment and how they modify the environment.  We talked about if we should give some water from the Great Lakes to states in the desert and one reason Mrs. Lannon brought up was they don’t need to have green grass lawns!  I agree with her because they should adapt to the environment, not change it!  Do you agree?  Or disagree? (Anna R.)

Writing: In writing we are writing our literary essay on Google docs. It is very complicated to get there, but I just use the app. (Ava B.)

Reading: Next, this week in reading we FINALLY get to do a book club!!  The book that my group is reading is called The Homework Machine and it is a VERY good book so far. (Sophia M.)

Specials ~ Gym: In gym we just did mission impossible and that’s where we have different stations and you have to get points on the ones you want to do. One of the stations was playing the X Box. (Delaney N.)

Music:  In music two 4th grades will become the star student!! One girl and one boy will become the star to represent our school,  it’s a big honor to be chosen! (Elexis E.)

Art: In art we just made clay sculptures and they were a lot of fun. (Nolan M.)

STEM: In stem we are  to start building our rockets next time. (Jaxson T.)

Gym: In gym we finished mission impossible the gym teacher even had a video game that we got to play. (Noah V.)

This week has been great and it is mostly going to get better because on Friday we are going to watch a movie (The Lightning Thief) and compare it to the book we read in class!  I am so exited to watch the movie. (Jimmy C.)

I think the students covered our week quite nicely!

Thursday, March 26 – Talent Show 7 PM at the SLMS Auditorium

Friday, March 27 – Read-A-Thon Day.  All pledges are due.  We will be participating in reading activities all day.  Students may bring a blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal and wear their pj’s/comfy clothes to school.

April 3 – April 12 – Spring Break

Wednesday, April 15 – Link Up Concert at the Frauenthal Theater – cold lunch needed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, April 28, 29, 30 and May 5, 6, 7 – MSTEP testing.  Please avoid any absences during these days





Watch Out! Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th to you!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the warmer weather and the sunshine! Melt snow, melt!

We have had another great week of learning in Room 16!

Math ~ We finished our first Fractions unit! I was really impressed with everyone’s test scores! We will continue to work with fractions and DECIMALS in our next unit.

Reading ~ We have been focusing on literary elements and devices that authors use to make their stories more interesting and fun to read. We learned about allusions (author makes a reference to another story or situation) and personification (giving human like qualities to non-human things) the wind whispered, the trees stood tall and of course talking animals!

Writing ~ The students are continuing to work on their literary essays.  This week we mined the text for evidence that supports our claim (thesis) and the students learned how to cite their textual evidence when adding quotes to their essays.

Social Studies ~ We continued to talk about migration and immigration and learned a little bit about the Oregon Trail.  We also spent some time learning about and discussing ways people adapt to the environment. We talked about why you might need a sloped roof or a flat roof, or perhaps you may need to build your house on stilts.


Conferences: Monday, March 16-Wednesday March 18 (full school days)

Thursday, March 26 – Talent Show 7 PM at the SLMS Auditorium

April 3 – April 12 – Spring Break

Wednesday, April 15 – Link Up Concert at the Frauenthal Theater