What Happened to Spring?

Only in Michigan can we go from wearing shorts and t-shirts on Saturday to snow on Tuesday!

I can’t believe that next Friday will be May 1st! We are in the home stretch!

We have had a great week of learning!

Math ~ For the most part everyone did a GREAT job on the Fractions and Decimals Unit Test! Almost all 3s! This week we have started our Geometry unit. We began by reviewing different geometry terms (Line, ray, point, etc.) and then moved into angles. we have learned how to name angles (acute, obtuse, right and reflex) and how to measure them using a protractor!

Reading ~ This week we have been practicing using inferences to help us find the most important part of a passage. We also practiced summarizing the most important part to remember in ONE sentence! To do this we read the book Flight by Robert Burleigh. The story is an account of Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Writing ~ Students have each chosen an animal that can be found at the Lincoln Park Zoo and have researched their animals.  They have created power paragraphs to showcase their research and are creating posters to share with all of the other 4th graders in an upcoming gallery walk!

Social Studies ~ We kicked off our Economics unit this week by introducing the Market Day project (a letter detailing the project came home this past Monday). Market Day will be on Wednesday, May 13. The first due date is this coming Monday. Students will need to turn in the “What Will I Make” sheet on Monday, April, 27.  To prepare for Market Day we have been learning all about Economics by using picture books that showcase economic terms and principles.

Please remember the M-Step test (formerly the MEAP) begins this week Tuesday, April 28. We will be testing the majority of each day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please refrain from pulling your child for appointments during testing time.  Also please encourage your child to come to go to bed early, sleep well, eat a healthy breakfast and to give their BEST effort each day! Don’t forget to check out our slideshow of this weeks highlights!

Important Dates:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, April 28, 29, and May 5, 6, 7 – MSTEP testing.  Please avoid any absences during these days

Spring has Sprung!

This week has certainly felt like Spring is finally here! Although I hear next week won’t be quite so pleasant. We came back to some big changes around Holmes. Thank you all for being patient as we fine tune drop off and pick up procedures. The students have adapted to a smaller playground and are discovering many of the games that we remember playing in our youth.

We have had a full week of curriculum and a little bit of computer skills practice to help us prepare for the M-Step.


Math – We have completed our unit on decimals and fractions and will be taking the practice test today. Our math review will be on Monday with the final test on Tuesday. Our next unit is our Geometry unit.

Reading – We have been reading paired passages (two different passages about the same topic) and then answering questions to check for understanding and also writing about our reading, making sure that we support our opinions with evidence from both texts!

Writing – We are working on our animal research projects. Each student chose an animal that they would like to learn more about. Students were required to choose an animal that we can find at the Lincoln Park Zoo and that they already did not know much about. We have researched the animal’s habitat, physical characteristics and behavioral characteristics. Students will then create power paragraphs to show what they have learned. The final product will be a poster that they create and class and share with the class.

Social Studies – We are finishing up our Regions projects and will be sharing these in class. Ask your child to share their project with you. It is on their iPad. Next week we begin our Economics unit. Look for a letter to come home on Monday with the details and dates for the 4th Grade Market Day project. Students will be creating (at home) 12-15 items to sell for a profit. They may not spend more than $8.00 on materials. Full details will come home Monday.

Don’t forget to check out the slideshows at the end of this post for some of the highlights from this week.

Important Dates:

Thursday, April 24th – Monkey Kingdom movie (Students will need to bring a cold lunch)

Friday, April 25th – Swimming (suit and towel)

Friday, April 25th – Shindig at Spring Lake Country Club

Tuesday, April 28th – Thursday, April 30 – 4th grade M-Step Testing

Tuesday, May 5th – Thursday, May 7th – 4th grade M-Step Testing