Conference Week!

I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and talk with all of you this week. Thank you for sharing your children with me! I know that we are all looking forward to having Friday off and spending time with our families!

This week in Reading Workshop we continued to talk about having empathy for the main character in our book and using that empathy to help us predict what the character will do next and how he or she will do it. We practiced this skill using the character Rob in The Tiger Rising. Students then practiced the skill using the main character from their “Just Right” book.

In Writing Workshop we have continued to work on our realistic fiction stories. Students identified what they thought was the most important part or “Heart” of their story and then stretched that part out by adding details and dialogue. Students also learned the importance of tagging dialogue (letting the reader know who is speaking) and had an explicit lesson on punctuating dialogue. Students then checked their drafts for tags and correct dialogue punctuation.

This week in Math we continued to learn the routine for Math Workshop. During Math Workshop students listen to a mini-lesson either whole group, small group or individually (on ipad) and then rotate through three different math stations: Math Facts, Teacher’s Choice, Hands On and Seat Work (homework). On Thursday we all tried a “flipped” math lesson! Students listened to the math lesson on their ipad and worked through the problems on their student activity sheets while following along. Students were able to go at their own pace and pause the lesson as needed. After they completed the lesson they worked through the math rotations. The great thing about a “flipped” lesson was that it allowed me to check in one on one with each child and see how they were doing. It also allowed me to reteach the concept to those that were still struggling while allowing those that got it quickly to move ahead. The students really seemed to enjoy it!

In Science we reviewed for our first Science Test, the review sheets went home Monday to study and we took the test on Wednesday. We also reviewed with a couple of Kahoot! quizzes on Tuesday. Tests will be reviewed on Monday and then come home.

We also had our first raffle today! Thank you to all of the parents who so generously donated the many terrific raffle items. The students voted to do an auction style raffle today! I think it was a lot of fun! They also had to think about how much they were willing to spend on an item they wanted. We did have a few bidding wars!

Here are some links to a few math videos created by students.

IMG_0842 IMG_0842 IMG_0843 IMG_0844 IMG_0845


Friday, October 23 – No school

Friday, October 30 – Halloween Parade at 9:00 AM  Party – 9:30-10:20

Thursday, November 5 –  All Janie’s orders must be picked up from school between 5:00 and 6:30 PM

Friday, November 6 – Box Top drawing!

Friday, November 13 – 4th grade swimming

Friday, November 20 – 4th grade swimming

Tuesday, November 24 – Half Day students am (Records Day)

Wednesday, November 25 – Half Day students am (Records Day)

Thursday and Friday, November 26-27 – No School!

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