January 20, 2017

Wow! It has been a very short week, but we still managed to get quite a bit done!

This week in reading students focused on making sure that they were selecting Just Right Books to read and that they were writing responses to their reading. Next week they will be reading more nonfiction about the American Revolution with a focus on taking notes.

In writinng this week we have continued to learn more about the causes of the American Revolution so that students will be ready to select a subtopic that they know about and are interested in writing about. (Paul Revere, the Boston Tea Party etc). Students will be creating an All About Book about an American Revolution suptopic they choose.

In Math we finished up our Topic 6 final test ( look for these to come home Monday) and have started Topic 7: Factors and Multiples. In order to be successful with finding factors and multiples students need to have automatic recall of their multiplication and division basic facts. Please help your child by doing flashcards and having them practice their facts on their ipad (Timed Test). Practicing facts for 5 minutes each day is a great habit to develop.

In Science we have been exploring the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and looking at the different properties of each state. Students have been comparing the properties of each state using Venn diagrams and writing paragraphs that compare and contrast the differences.

Important Dates

Thursday, January 26 – World’s Finest Chocolate sale begins ( a note with this information went home today)

Friday, January 27 – Chicago chaperon request due

Monday and Tuesday, February 6 and 7 – no school – Mid-Winter Break

Friday, February 10 – Chaperon lottery and the notes will come home


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