January 26

This week in Reading we have continued to research All About the American Revolution. Students have also begun to research their chosen focus topic.

In Writing Workshop students chose a cause of the American Revolution that they were interested in and are researching it during reading time. In writing time they will be writing an All About book about the American Revvolution. On Monday we will begin by drafting our first section, All About the American Revolutuion.

In math we have been learning how to compare fractions. We reviewed how to compare fractions with like numerators or like denominators. Then we learned how to compare fractiuons using benchmark fractions like 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. We also learned how to compare fractions by finding equivalent fractions with like denominators. Finally, we learned a shortcut to use to compare fractions. The online test will be on Monday, review on Tuesday and the paper test on Wednesday.

In Social Studies we have begun our Black History studies. We began by talking about the start of slavery in the United States and we discussed how people escaped from slavery. We have watched a few videos and read the books Follow the Drinking Gourd, Henry’s Freedom Box, and Sweet Clara’s Freedom Quilt. Next week we will begin to learn about the Civil Rights Movement.

We have completed our 3 Science units. Mr. Overway will be teaching the last science unit, Energy Transfer, in STEM.

Important Dates

Friday, January 26 – Chicago chaperone requests due and BINGO Night from 5:30-8:00 PM

Monday and Tuesday, February 5 and 6 – Winter Break – No School

Friday, February 9 – Chaperone lottery results sent home and chocolate sales wrap up