March 23

We have had a wonderful reading filled day for our Read-a-Thon! We had a “Boston Tea Party” and drank sweet tea and had some biscuits while we read each other’s American Revolution books. We also had a chance to read some of the books from Mrs. Vandenbosch’s class. We finished reading The Lightning Thief. Students read at special, we read in the Library and we read math word problems involving money! Thank you all for your Read-a-Thon pledges!

This week in reading we continued with our fantasy studies through The Lightning Thief. We talked about how fantasies are all about a struggle between good and evil. We discussed how characters and people aren’t all good or all bad. When we come back from break we will be starting our Historical Fiction Book Clubs!

In Math this week we learned decimals! We learned how to convert fraction with tenths and hundredths into decimals. We plotted decimals on number lines and we solved word problems using decimals. We added, subtracted and even did some dividing with decimals! Our Online test will be Monday, Review Tuesday and Final test is on Wednesday. If your child will not be here Wednesday and they need to take the final test, I will have them take it Tuesday afternoon during iTime.

In Writing Workshop this week we completed our All About the American Revolution books! The students put in a lot of research and hard work into their books. Their efforts are apparent in the quality of the work they did!

In Social Studies this week we learned about the Bill of Rights and completed a Bill of Rights project that will be coming home next week. Ask your child to tell you what the Bill of Rights is!

A huge THANK YOU to all of the parents that have donated items for our classroom raffle on Wednesday!

Important Dates:

Friday – Sunday, March 30 – April 8 – Spring Break

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 – No school.  Professional Development for teachers

Tuesday, April 24– Link Up Concert

Friday, April 27 – “Dolphin” movie at Cinema Carousel

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