Love Of Reading and Writing

• Vary the types of reading students do:

o “Just Right Reading” – books they can read independently (95-100% accuracy).
o “On Your Own” or “Book Looking” – anything of interest.
o Read Aloud – books they cannot read independently, and don’tforget to include nonfiction.
• Read several books around one topic.
• Read several books by one author.
• Read several books in one genre (memoir, editorials, plays, fantasy,
historical fiction, realistic fiction, feature articles, fairy tales).
• Partner read the text.
• Read aloud even if the child can read the text.
• Read the same book and talk about it.
• Limit video game and television time.
• Make the reading environment pleasurable (cozy spot, special snack).
• Encourage reading by allowing kids to read in their beds.
• Encourage your child to read different types of text – books, newspaper
articles, magazines, appropriate blogs and websites.
• Read the same information as your children and talk about it.
• Find time to write authentically (letters, emails, stories, lists).
• Find ways to get their work “published” (book reviews online, contests,
magazines, or letters to the newspaper).
• Encourage your child to finish a piece of writing and give it as a gift.
• Go to book signings and talk with authors.
• Visit a favorite author’s webpage and read it together.
• Share your writing with your kids and expect them to write regularly.
• Connect books from school and home – let the books travel.
• Get books to support their hobbies and interests.

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